Why 1st Quater Marketing Is Important: Are You Ready For The New Year? You Should Be!

The months of January through March set the business stage each year. Not only is it the the first opportunity to increase profits from the first quarter of the previous year, but it is the time to rethink what will attract holiday spent individuals back in your workplace.

Depending on the industry of your business, the first quarter can be the busiest or the slowest time of the year. Either way, the marketing/advertising decisions made this quarter are extremely important. Like individuals, businesses make “new years resolutions” too, whether it’s a grocery store now accepting competitor’s coupons, a restaurant offering a new and healthier menu, or an auto company introducing its new line of cars. Consumers know this and typically give companies “a bit more attention” to see what’s exciting, new and how it can be beneficial to them. Taking advantage of this extra attention through good marketing and advertising is important to increase revenue in the first quarter and establish your message for the rest of the year.

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