Why It’s Different:

Services are products that people buy sight-unseen. Unlike tangible products, that shoppers can see and feel, people buy services based on their trust that the brand they’re buying from will deliver as promised. Examples of globally recognized service brands include Google, H&R Block, and FedEx.

How to:

If you sell a service or run a service business, you positively need to develop and manage a strong, positive brand image. Before purchasing your service, customers need to believe that their expectations will be met. If they know nothing about you or lack confidence in the quality of your service, they will take their business elsewhere. This is where The Creative Bar can help. Our proven track record of producing successful and memorable brands, with award-winning designs and marketing to deploy them, makes us a perfect partner in creating and implementing your new brand.

TCB Steps:

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Branding your company is a delicate process that stretches far beyond a new logo or color scheme. If you’ve begun searching for a branding agency and have questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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