Safely Filming in 2020

Behind The Scenes

Safely Filming in 2020


Have you ever seen an amazing photo or video and wondered how it was executed? In most cases, it was no easy feat. Planning and executing a COVID-safe video or photoshoot takes acute attention to detail, top-notch organization, a well of patience, great communication, and a remarkable team. Luckily, here at The Creative Bar, we have it all. From booking locations and talent, having clear creative direction, and a specially curated shot list, our team has mastered the planning and execution needed for these shoots. This year, COVID restrictions have challenged us to rethink how we approach client photo and video shoots and we are proud to say that we have gone far beyond expectations to maintain our premium production standards. 

One such case was planning and executing our first LIVE remote video production for Cerveza Montejo’s campaign, Stories That Defy.  We were tasked with transitioning, a once live in-person event, into a live digital interactive experience hosted exclusively on social platforms. To pull this off, our team provided each participant with detailed guidelines on how to remotely produce the content we needed. The guidelines included specific creative direction, such as camera angles, lighting, rule of thirds, background images, wardrobe, and much more. The result was a successful remote campaign that significantly increased our client’s brand awareness!  

Staying Healthy During our Photoshoots

Over the summer, we were able to work in an on-premise photoshoot for both Montejo and Michelob Ultra. This required a lot of heavy lifting and extra steps to ensure the safety of everyone during the entirety of the shoot—and thankfully our efforts paid off! Our production team kept occupancy limited in any one space at all times. Our crew implemented mandatory face masks, constant sanitation, safety in open-air spaces, minimized physical touch, and more. We were all so pleased with the final results and happy to know that everyone stayed healthy. 


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Making Use of a Small Crew

Just a few months ago, a small crew assembled to take on a long 10-hour production day in Los Angeles, filming luxury cars and a dream. We had to use a limited crew for this production shoot but that meant each of us had double the responsibility to execute this successfully. We packed our trunks full with equipment and made the journey over. The approach to filming this sort of content needed to appeal to a lavish lifestyle and in order to do so, we had to turn up the volume on allure. Slow pans and confident nods to luxury brand names speak volumes and we needed to match that tone with the brand messaging. The persona and personal successes of the client leave an impressionable sentiment that draws the attention of any modern entrepreneur. 

Launching a Powerful Campaign

Our most recent film projects included some of the most impactful stories we have shared all year. The recent debut of Montejo’s latest campaign, Culture is Power features the stories of triumph for some California-native artists who turned their dreams into a reality. Culture is Power defines the importance of culture in our modern-day world. Our crew traveled from Riverside to Los Angeles to film historic landmarks and cultural art burrowed within the walls of these communities. Joined by Montejo’s treasured influencer, Sebastian Robles aka @AyyySebas, we met up with iconic cultural artists, some of which participated in the Stories That Defy Contest that we previously wrapped up.

Needless to say, our crew was excited to continue producing and filming content for our client campaigns this year, despite the setbacks from COVID.


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