Account Director

Ashley Garing

Account Manager

Ashley Garing


Ashley Garing has been in public relations, marketing and corporate branding for 20 years working to develop effective brands and communications for clients in the lifestyle, consumer technology, automotive, powersports and entertainment industries. Ashley has managed large international clients all the way down to small business, start-up companies and nonprofit organizations and works to maximize communications efforts by formulating strategies, creative innovative concepts and ensuring top notch execution around every marketing initiative. She plays an active role with all her clients in developing effective brand strategies, product launches and copywriting. Her focus is always on building consumer brands through media and influencer relations, while concentrating on getting her clients maximum exposure within the social digital space along with traditional media including print, broadcast and radio coverage.



FAVORITE HOBBIES: Boating, Reading, Spending time with my family, traveling.
FAVORITE TEAM: Any team my boys are playing on.
FAVORITE MOVIE: Good Will Hunting, Sweet Home Alabama
QUOTE:If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~John Quincy Adams