Target Audience Audit


Target Audience Audit

Communicate effectively. As much as you might want to reach out to everyone at once, in the real world, you are better off trying to catch fish with your bare hands. If you are tired of feeling like your marketing and advertising efforts are slipping through your fingers then it might be time to define your target audience and see your ROI increase. Knowing who you are talking to is the first step to building a lasting relationship with your audience.

Below are nine questions that will help start you on the process of defining your target audience. Even if you don’t know the answer now – write down your thoughts, experiences, and move on to the next question as there are no wrong answers. The process of defining your brands target audience is built on all the information we can gather and it is different for every brand, product, and/or service.

Let’s start with these nine questions &, if you feel so inclined, fill out our demographics survey as well. Remember – we are just scratching the surface here.