Key Words Attract The Herds

One of the keys to successful marketing is recognizing the power of words and understanding certain words can make all the difference when persuading a potential customer. Whether to increase sales, establish credibility, or simply attract the customer to a product, it is imperative in marketing to choose your words carefully to ensure the intended message is received by the end user.

It is important to know the power of magnetic words and their resulted longevity. This often means pairing specific keywords with words tested for their ability to grab readers’ attention such as easy, guaranteed, & proven. Action words can target adrenaline levels while others have the capability to draw the human eye in without even realizing.

Here is an example: recent studies have shown that losses can be twice as psychologically powerful as gains. Avoiding pain can be a more powerful motivator than achieving pleasure. How can this affect your word choice? Businesses may get more response advising its customer, “don’t miss” rather than telling them to “take advantage.”

Rob Walling, a beach towel website owner, experimented with adding “Low Price Guarantee” to his website. Sales immediately skyrocketed from $210/month to $2200/month, overnight. Walling’s e-commerce wasn’t intended to be a low cost competitive provider, but “Low Price Guarantee” gave the customer permission to stop looking for a better deal. These three words put customers at ease and reassured them of their purchase while mutually benefiting the provider.

Another study proved the human eye naturally goes to words promising news, such as “introducing,” “announcing,” “new,” and “now”. These can be called “eye magnet words” due to their ability to attract readership and can be beneficial when trying to call attention to a business or product.

If you have ideas for words you’d like to use in your marketing campaign, test the popularity of the word or phrase at:


This site will tell you how many times the word or phrase was searched in the last month so you can be sure the words you are using are highly searched.

When it comes to marketing, it is important to pay close attention when selecting words to entice your target audience. Remember, key words are what attract the herds, so choose wisely!