Latest TCB Work


Scope of Work

Earlier this year, The Creative Bar facilitated a collaboration between two businesses in our network to assist them in creating a collaborative solution for selling water fastener products. It was determined that the best way to sell their unique products was to build a website. The website emphasizes the quality of their products and brings attention to their large supply of materials while also communicating their promise to deliver quick fulfillment for their customers.

Our web team banded together to build this robust site over the course of three months. Waterfasteners.com houses more than 7,000 unique products that all had to be cataloged on the site. Our team had to develop copy that would be easily digestible for consumers while also creating a seamless experience navigating the site in order to ensure a successful UX. The end result was a website that has expanded their market reach, extending far beyond their local region in southern California.

Visit the website: Waterfasteners.com