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This Lunar New Year, we are spotlighting a project that was successfully executed for a Stella Artois 2021 retail campaign. Our team was commissioned by Stella Artois to create decorative hanging displays for the 2021 Lunar New Year. Our initial approach was aimed toward creating something that felt authentic to the consumer and the holiday: traditional lanterns—classic and timeless pieces deeply connected with this holiday. Our team approached the design with Stella Artois’ premium branding in mind, while also staying true to authentic elements typically seen during the celebration of the holiday. We are always striving to create authentic design elements for our clients that accomplish their branding and campaign needs while also appropriately honoring the holiday in a tasteful way.


When we first began the ideation process, much consideration was given to the history of how traditional lanterns have been used during new year celebrations in Chinese culture. We were inspired by the traditions of the annual Lantern Festival that occurs in tandem with the Lunar New Year. With more than 2,000 years of tradition, the Lunar New Year is a time to reunite with loved ones and honor ancestors with the lighting of lanterns. We created a version of these lanterns in the hope that it would spark feelings of nostalgia and togetherness. When consumers pick up a case of Stella Artois, they will look up and remember to drink to those who came before them. The decorum used during the design process pays tribute to ornate asian-inspired motifs that are customary within Chinese culture. The production of this was very detail-oriented to ensure that every aspect of the design—from the colors used, to the artwork displayed inside—would tie together the authenticity of the culture and holiday with the existing Stella Artois branding.

Our production team used a premium acrylic material for the lanterns to last in retail stores well past the holiday to ensure the longevity of its use. Each lantern features a cut out of the Stella Artois chalice backed by gold foil which further accentuates its premium quality. A 3D Stella Artois star hangs from the bottom and ties the brand to the overall design concept. Inside the window panels, there is a Stella Artois art piece that accentuates the celebration of the holiday and is also interchangeable for use for the remainder of the year. The lanterns are a vibrant red picked straight from the Stella Artois palette that also represents joy, luck and happiness in Chinese culture—well-suited for ringing in the new year! We wanted to give wholesalers variety and options that best suit their merchandising needs. If they needed a less permanent lantern design, we also created one that is identical, but made of paper that can be folded flat and stored away.

We understand that when designing holiday-specific items, oftentimes, retailers are looking for alternative options that can make their display pieces last longer and still feel relevant. Creating a piece that is both timeless and relevant can be tricky, but with creative thinking in mind, we are always prepared to get the job done. Our design team is looking forward to creating more holiday displays for our clients in 2021! Contact us today to find out how we can enhance your holiday product displays!



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