Latest TCB Work

Stella Artois

Scope of Work

Our team recently designed a winter-themed display for Stella Artois. This concept evokes nostalgia and the joy of coming together after a long day on the slopes. The display was created in die-cut layers to be visually impactful and inviting to consumers. Our team skillfully replicated the vintage travel poster illustration style that has become a staple in Stella’s branding over the past year.


We began with a simple sketch to showcase our vision for the three-dimensional display. Our team came up with a design that spoke to comfortability and leisure with the people you care about most. The sketch included two friends toasting the beloved beer before a crackling fire and a majestic view of snow capped mountains. From there our team transformed the sketch into a  dazzling graphic. To emphasize the design impact of the display our team took it one step further by animating the graphic. With both a still and animated design to reference, our goal was to construct a display with not only depth and dimension, but a display that effectively inspired that sense of luxury relaxation and nostalgia our client requested. We think we hit the mark.

Our finished product was a large three dimensional display executed in three layers. The first layer showcased the friends before a fire, to speak to the “come together” moment. The second layer made sure to bring forth brand recognition with the inclusion of a large Stella cartouche hanging on the “wall”. While the third and final layer included “see-through glass windows” that were designed to inmate frosted windows with the mountains in the back.


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