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Europa Village Projects

Scope of Work

Bolero, a Spanish-inspired winery within the Europa Village Winery and Resort family, is the first of three themed wineries to open in Temecula Wine Country. We have worked closely with the Europa Team to ensure a seamless experience that showcases the unique experience offered throughout the property. Beginning over three years ago in the branding phase, we have been able to watch this brand come to life right before our eyes.

Touring the newly-opened grounds was inspiring, not only to see so many of our team’s pieces brought to life, but to also really see a client live and breathe the brand. The Europa Team took each and every facet of the branding we created and made it their mission to see it through. Taking a look back at each piece we can see how well they all worked together to create a cohesive look and feel.


One of the new offerings at Europa Village is a line of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinaigrettes. Visitors can purchase these in the shop, participate in a tasting, or join a member-exclusive club that features a rotation of flavors and other food items to pair. The Creative Bar team worked with Europa Village to create labels that felt authentic to Italian-inspired olive oils while still maintaining the overall look and feel of the Europa Village brand.

The Olive oil label was designed with a vintage vignette shape and uses soft old-world textures and colors to create an authentic feeling of traditional Italian flavors.

The Balsamic labels feature a specialty die-cut in the shape of a drip that showcases the dark liquid color. The contrast of the dark liquid next to the rich gold color of the label brings a higher level of sophistication.

The Olive Oil Kit known as Europa table for members features inserts that were specially made to fit the rotating flavors of olive oil and balsamic each shipment. Our team designed the box in a deep grey with a textured overlay that made the shipping box feel like it was shipped directly from Europe. A hand-drawn illustration of the upcoming Vienza property concept subtly adorns the front, while similarly-styled olive branches cover the interior.


Our team was asked to create the look and feel for all of the signage at Europa Village. They worked closely with the sign fabricator to create wood and tile signs that felt authentic and as if they had been there for years. Rod iron details were incorporated to match other architectural details throughout the property and the wood tones were closely matched to the trims throughout. Each sign was made to feel rustic while still maintaining the visual style established in the branding phase.


In the branding phase, the design team created logos for each of the three new wineries. Although only one winery is open, each of the logos is being featured on a full set of stemless wine glasses as well as coasters.


When creating the labels for the newly branded wineries, there was a lot to consider. How do we marry Spanish, Italian, and French styles so that they feel like a family? What elements would we carry from piece to piece in order to create cohesion? It was decided early on that the logos would be a great way to tie our pieces together and this drove the design of the shapes of each wine label. The top of each label mirrors a part of the logo’s shape. For Bolero, it was the shape of the iconic bell tower. The rich red color from the Bolero palette feels warm and familiar, while the use of an embossed tile pattern subtly lends itself to Bolero’s Spanish roots.


The redesign of the Europa Village website was one of the greatest feats for our team within this whole process. Extensive work was invested by our web team to pull together all of the details and aspects of the website to showcase the unique offerings at Europa Village Winery and Resort. From hotel bookings to restaurant reservations, the newly designed site makes it easy for users to navigate through all of the amenities offered by Europa Village.