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Estrella POCMs

Scope of Work

Estrella Jalisco approached The Creative Bar to create new in-store displays that would help support their new brand initiatives moving into 2021. Leaning on the concept that “Estrella Jalisco brings color to your life,” our team created a vibrant piece that took inspiration from traditional Hispanic culture. The use of raw materials and the levels of distress in the color and wood bring out an undeniably authentic feel.

Point of Connection Materials

From the foundational sketches to the final pieces, we created a display that the client was proud to offer to their wholesale partners. The creative process for these designs utilized traditional sketching that was then turned into 3D models. This can really help the client envision how the finished product will look when it is complete. From there we were able to collaborate with the fabrication team to bring our vision to life. We couldn’t be more proud of how the final product came out and we are excited to see how this will influence the branding for Estrella Jalisco moving forward.

vimeo video
vimeo video