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Estrella Jalisco DOTD AR

Scope of Work

When celebrating a holiday steeped in ancient traditions and vibrant culture, it’s important for brands to honor its history while finding new and engaging ways to make it their own. For Día de los Muertos, we worked with Estrella Jalisco to honor the Mexican holiday by incorporating an augmented reality (AR) experience into a program with traditional Day of the Dead themed designs. The in-store display featured a Katrina, a woman with customary Día de los Muertos face paint and headdress, next to a QR code that unlocks a digital surprise.

Our team began this concept of “tradition meets technology” with the goal of giving consumers a colorful and unexpected AR experience while shopping for their favorite beverage. After creating the initial static art design, the team storyboarded an animation concept that would bring the Katrina to life in vibrant fashion. We worked with an AR company to develop the animation based on our designs and created the landing page to implement the scannable experience. The end result brought a festive digital Día de los Muertos celebration right to the shopper’s phone.

These interactive Estrella Jalisco displays were featured in grocery and liquor stores nationwide throughout the Día de los Muertos season.


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