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EAT Marketplace Branding Guide

Scope of  Work

When E.A.T. Marketplace came to us with a desire to update their branding and marketing, we were all too happy to assist them with this project. Our team took an in-depth look at their overall brand, points of differentiation, value proposition and every other facet of what goes into their unique business identity, and how that translates into the consumer-facing brand. 

From aesthetic components like handcrafted lettering incorporated into their logo to high-quality photos of their menu offerings, we aimed to bring to fruition the things that make E.A.T. Marketplace’s public persona a true reflection of the passion and craftsmanship that goes into each and every culinary creation. The success of this project was a collaboration that fused our creative strengths with E.A.T Marketplace’s in-depth understanding of their organization, resulting in an amazing brand refresh that succinctly conveys a modernized version of who they are and is truly top-shelf.

Branding Guide