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818 Tequila

Scope of Work

The Creative Bar welcomes our newest patron, 818 Tequila by Kendall Jenner. Our team worked alongside the 818 team to develop premium in-store display cases for the brand launch in California.


From the initial sketches to the final product, our team worked to thoughtfully capture the premium and handcrafted essence of the 818 brand. Distressed wood contrasted with high-end finishes provided the inspiration for the overall look and feel and guided many of the design choices. To capture the authentic feel of Jalisco, Mexico the displays were crafted in a rich colored hand-stained wood. Each display featured a small planter box with faux agave plants providing a pop of color and nod to the history and process of distilling authentic Jalisco Tequila.

The client requested a design that provided flexibility for retailers allowing them to choose how it fit within their space. The modular displays were designed to be assembled in one, two, or three pieces and arranged side by side, back to back, or even in a triangular formation providing a vast amount of versatility.

The displays were featured in BevMo, Total Wine & More, Target, and Mel & Rose in the Los Angeles area. Each location proudly displayed their pieces both in-store and on social media.