Do I Need Branding?


All too often we confuse a brand with a product, logo, or slogan. However, a brand is actually better defined as a unique set of values and characteristics that we’ve come to assume about a company. It promises a specific delivery of something far deeper than a tangible product. It is a silent contract for the fulfillment of a desired emotion. An effective brand’s job is to create an atmosphere that entices a potential customer to buy without having to ever actually sell.

• Are you launching a product that will benefit from a clear identity and increased awareness? (Click Here for Product Branding)

• Have you been in business for a while but feel you lack consumer awareness and understanding about who you are or what you stand for? (Click Here for Corporate Branding)

• Has your product line changed, or are you about to add products that will dramatically alter your offerings? If so, does your brand promise still apply to every product and service you ogre or plan to offer? (Click Here for Product Branding)

• Do you feel that people within you organization are unsure how to explain your offerings, distinctions, target market and how you excel over competitors? Do you believe they are each consistently communicating the same message? (Click Here for Corporate Branding)

• Have you changed distribution channels or added a new location (how and where you offer your service)? If so, does your brand identity represent you well in all channels, particularly your new location? (Click Here for Service Branding)

• When you look at how your organization communicates through advertising, marketing materials, personal presentations, and at every other customer contact point, do you see inconsistencies in the look or company personality being presented? Does each of these channels communicate the same message? (Click Here for Corporate Branding)

If you’re researching how or why your company should select a branding agency and would like to read more click here.