Corporate/Organizational Branding

When to Brand:

The best time to brand is at the beginning. But what if you missed it? The obvious news is you’re likely losing profitability—not capitalizing on your “slice of the pie”, if you will. But the most important and lesser-known reality is that the longer you stay where you are, the harder it is to change you consumer’s perception of you. Companies like Blockbuster, Kodak and AOL, for example, realized this too late.

How We Can Help:

If executed correctly, it is possible to move your brand from its current state to where it needs to be. The Creative Bar can assist you in repairing or improving the bridge between your company and its customers for a refreshed brand image. By building awareness for your revitalized brand with a consistent message, we can effectively convey its competitive advantage, regain or earn trust amongst your existing and potential customers, and create an emotional connection with the consumer that achieves a loyal buyer preference.

TCB Steps:

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Branding your company is a delicate process that stretches far beyond a new logo or color scheme. If you’ve begun searching for a branding agency and have questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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