City of Murrieta Selects Hometown Agency for Citywide Rebrand

Murrieta, CA — The City of Murrieta has chosen The Creative Bar as the Agency of Record to develop and manage the rebrand of the City’s image, marketing and advertising.

Murrieta is a city rich in over 145 years of history, with a population of more than 115,000 residents—placing it as one of the fastest growing cities in the state. The City selected local agency The Creative Bar following an RFP and three-tiered selection process that included representatives from various city departments and elected officials.

In the past year, the City identified a need to develop a comprehensive branding and marketing plan for the community to refine the variety of logos and taglines currently in use into one cohesive message. More than a slogan or a logo, an effective brand focuses on a cohesive message and consistent feel that expresses the unique identity of Murrieta, both to members of the Murrieta community and to people located outside of the southwest Riverside County region.

“After a thorough RFP and interview process, we determined that The Creative Bar would be the most effective solution for the City of Murrieta,” said Scott Agajanian, Deputy Director of Development Services-Economic Development for the City. “Selecting a company with an innovative approach and proven track record of successful brand development projects was an important consideration for us. Not only was The Creative Bar ranked highly in both regards, but they are also located right here in Murrieta and have a personal stake in the success of our city.”

One of the City Council’s goals is to facilitate a strong and diverse economy that brings jobs, instills community pride, celebrates quality of life, and establishes Murrieta as a preferred destination. The brand development project aligns directly with the City of Murrieta’s economic development strategic commitments by supporting the objectives of; growing the economy, establishing a city identity, and maintaining a community identity.

The process to develop the new brand will be implemented in phases with a plan for full deployment and transition for the City by December of 2018. The Creative Bar’s strategy and development will involve city officials, local employers and both new and long standing residents. The Creative Bar’s services will be utilized by several City departments including Economic Development, Planning, Public Works (PW), and Parks and Recreation.

“I was raised, started a family, and grew my business in this city. This place is truly unique, and I don’t think I would have been able to do that just anywhere. I owe a lot of my success to this community.” said Justin Lawler, owner of The Creative Bar. “I feel many residents share the same thoughts on this special place, and if that feeling can be articulated and simply communicated to the rest of the world, the potential for this city is astounding.”

By building awareness for the revitalized brand with a consistent message, the City hopes to unify its community while also drawing the attention of new commerce and potential residents.