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Thank you for attending our presentation about branding. Remember, this is not just about knowing what people say about us when we’re not in the room but taking control of the conversation altogether. The scope of branding covers a wide range of elements, all of them impactful on our businesses, products, and/or services. The main takeaway is that branding is not as simple as creating a logo and a cool website. It is far more beneficial to gain knowledge of what branding really means to you and your audience. For your reference, we have included a recap of the presentation below.

Branding Presentation Recap

After 2018 brought us a year full of scandals, trust in brands on social media platforms are at an all-time low. The result of fake followers, distrustful influencers, and Fyre festival documentaries have turned audiences away from big brands and instead to close friends, family, and acquaintances on social media. Brand trust is the new KPI (key performance indicator), as companies shift efforts from maximum reach to cultivating trust. Investing in online community building and personalized interactions are now of the utmost importance. According to Hubspot “4 in 10 consumers say that they are unlikely to become emotionally attached to a brand unless they are interacting via social media,” but in 2019 consumers are looking for those interactions to be authentic and personalized.

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If you have any questions on the presentation or if you’d like our help with putting together a great social media or brand strategy for your company, let us know here. We’d love to help!

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