Anheuser-Busch approached The Creative Bar to create a pilot program that would help them asses the purchasing habits of the Hispanic market in Los Angeles. As the brewery for Bud Light is located within less than 10 miles of the majority of Hispanic grocery chains in the area, the beer had the distinct advantage of being delivered fresh to its market—oftentimes within one to two days of being bottled. With the recent success off Bud Light’s “Hecho en Los Angeles” campaign, they wondered if awareness of this new competitive advantage would increase sales.

The Creative Bar developed a series of strategies for presentation and then honed them down, together with the Bud Light team. The final strategy—a farmers market concept—was then brought to life through a series of mockups and coordination with The Creative Bar’s fabrication team. Additional pieces such as uniforms, a-frame signage, and case stickers were also created to support the campaign.

The end result was an interactive farm stand—displayed in the produce department—that advertised “Fresh Bud Light”. One day a week, in coordination with the delivery of fresh produce, this life-size display would advertise a limited supply of Bud Light that had been brewed for distribution in the last 24 hours. During the remaining days of the week, the booth transformed with signage additions to advertise Bud Light Lime and Bud Light Orange along with limes and oranges.


Interactive Farm Stand