Branding Process

The technical definition of branding is the sum total of all functional and emotional assets of the product, service or group that differentiate it among the competition. Ultimately though, a brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company. It’s a gut feeling because we’re all emotional and intuitive beings, despite our best efforts to be rational. Each person creates his or her own version of your brand in his or her mind. Thus, regardless of whether the beliefs a customer holds about your company are many or few, good or bad, accurate or inaccurate, they comprise the image of your brand and influence how your customer thinks and buys. We believe that, in the end, it comes down to the simple fact that people hate to be sold to, but love to buy. An effective brand’s job is to create an atmosphere that entices a potential customer to buy without having to ever actually sell.

Brand Consultation


Know Your Organization or Product

Before your brand is created, your organization should be set up for success. The Creative Bar examines both your current and future state to understand what will motivate your customers and employees. This foundation supports a brand that drives positive experiences and engagement at every point of contact.

  • Analysis: Create a collaborative document to better understand your primary objectives, general history, political landscape, resources, competitors, etc.
  • Collateral & Media Audit: Review existing marketing and advertising materials.
  • Familiarization Tour: Tour the company, face-to-face interaction.
  • Key Stakeholder Interviews: One-on-one interviews with key stakeholders to gather current perceptions.
  • Demographic Interviews: Informal interview and think-tank process with existing customers. This will not only allow us to learn more about the core demographic, but also reveal targeted advertising opportunities.

Brand Implementation

To create an experience accurately reflecting a brand, an organization’s team needs to embrace the new brand and know how to use it before it’s implemented in their industry. How they answer phones, how they treat their customers, how it feels to deal with their business, the look of your website and marketing materials — these are all expressions that make your brand message work. The Creative Bar helps implement your brand by presenting the organization’s newly created guidelines to staff, the board of directors, vendors and industry press.

  • Produce Implementation Guidelines and Standards
  • Instructions for Employees

Working together face-to-face is crucial to creating an authentic brand. That is why we have traveled to over ten countries on four continents to effectively build and launch our clients’ brands.

Brand Development


Organizational Branding

The best time to brand is at the beginning. But what if you missed it? The obvious news is you’re likely losing profitability—not capitalizing on your “slice of the pie”, if you will. But the most important and lesser-known reality is that the longer you stay where you are, the harder it is to change you consumer’s perception of you. Companies like Blockbuster, Kodak and AOL, for example, realized this too late….

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Service Branding

Services are products that people buy sight-unseen. Unlike tangible products, that shoppers can see and feel, people buy services based on their trust that the brand they’re buying from will deliver as promised. Examples of globally recognized service brands include Google, H&R Block, and…

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Product Branding

Marketing a product successfully and with any kind of longevity falls solely on the brand. Your competitors may come out with a similar product tomorrow but a Harley Davidson man is a Harley Davidson man. If the bike isn’t his brand, with the same feeling and emotion he grew to love and expect from it, he won’t buy the bike…

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Communication Style Guide

The most important thing when it comes to effective brand deployment is consistency. Our Communication Style Guide will explain how to properly deploy your brand concerning all things visual—from logo to fonts, colors, photo style and more.

Brand Deployment