AdWorld Conference Recap

Improving Marketing & Advertising In 2021

AdWorld Conference Recap

Improving marketing & advertising in 2021

The Creative Bar team attended this year’s virtual AdWorld Conference to learn from industry leaders about key findings and tactics for improving marketing and advertising strategies in 2021. Over the course of several weeks, we came together to share our findings and strategize on ways we can implement and improve our practices for ourselves and our clients. From relationship-based strategies to data analysis, we found common themes that have become foundational to authenticity in product and brand messaging. Mediums are continuously evolving and audiences have become key stakeholders in the execution and longevity of brands. We believe that it is our duty to serve our clients with well-informed strategies and data that directly meet client needs and expectations while expanding the vision of what being a brand is in 2021.

Quick Work Does Not Equal Quick Wins

After gathering to review our collective findings, we found several ways to improve our approach from initial strategy to data-based decision making. If there is one thing we know for certain, it’s that quick work does not equal quick wins. Without proper due diligence of research and collaborative creation, there will always be missed opportunities. Data cannot be argued and should always be the backbone of our strategy to support the goals and foster ROI (Return on Investment). Making data the foundation for strategies helps solidify product messaging. By using data to build strategies for campaigns, it strengthens relationship-based marketing by considering all aspects of who the audience is and how their behavioral patterns direct the path for messaging that resonates.

Relationship-based marketing is a strategic approach of building content that directly serves the target audience’s interests through creative and engaging content to build trust between the brand and the consumer. The key to building a trustworthy brand is authenticity, and that starts with understanding the audience. By taking the time to conduct research through focus groups, social media, and purchasing habits, you can draw well-informed conclusions for best ways to sell a product or service. In order to ensure you’re reaching your target audience, data analysis of key groups will tell you who you should be targeting to ultimately lead all strategies toward your end goal.

Every audience will interact with content differently and often have varying attention spans to the content they consume. Be intentional by sharing content that delivers a “dopamine hit” to trigger intrigue and hook their attention. Build the consumer narrative around the product, not the other way around. No one likes intrusive marketing such as telemarketers, spam emails or even commercials that are too loud. Instead, deliver content through mediums that are adept at promoting such content, such as creatively crafted ads on Instagram or TikTok. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution, however. Always use data to understand where your audience will find this to be helpful and informative, rather than disruptive and annoying.

Building A Trustworthy And Authentic Brand

By reinforcing data-driven analytics behind every marketing decision, there is a greater chance for successfully building a trustworthy and authentic brand. Control the conversation by approaching every message as an opportunity to educate, rather than sell. Remember that the value of any organization stems from the outcome of its actions, not the output of work produced. Relationship-based marketing is here to stay, so readjust your perspective and watch your business grow as you build authentic relationships with the people who trust your brand most.


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