9 Marketing Ideas for the Holidays


The holiday season is naturally one of the most lucrative quarters for most businesses. But are you doing all you can to help it? Check out these tips below to boost your marketing efforts during this opportune time:

1. Look back on Christmas past.
Optimizing your efforts based on previous results can boost this year’s effectiveness. Capitalizing on these trends on search and social marketing during historically peak times may set you apart from your competitors even more so.

2. Deck the halls with key words.
Use key words relevant to the season, but be sure to use “negative” options to keep the search results relevant (ex: A branding agency like ours might want to exclude searches also containing the word “cattle”, so as not to confuse consumers looking for livestock identification services.)

3. Make shopping easy.
It’s already hard enough for shoppers to get through the mall in one piece. Make the crossover from in person to online a simple one by optimizing your site for mobile devices, and consider an app for fast access and push notification discounts that will encourage your customers to download. Research shows a consumer is likely to leave your site altogether if making a purchase isn’t easy to accomplish on their device.

4. Add a little cheer.
Tailor your copy to reflect the occasion with specific calls to action. Take advantage of this opportunity to excite your consumer by getting into the holiday spirit, and don’t forget to tell them why your product or service is relevant to them especially during this time. Then remind them to take action today!

5. Predict the future.
Predictive tools can give key insights into market trends on important dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which can help immensely when deciding how to adjust your spending for the holiday rush.

6. Share the holiday spirit.
Adding social share options to your product pages is a great way to allow your consumer to do the advertising for you. Whether it’s to brag about a great deal they got, or because Timmy wants Mom to know exactly what he’s asking for this year, social media will spread the word.

7. Light the way.
Enable local search capabilities on your site to make it simple to find you. More than ever, customers are visiting store fronts at this time of year for the experience of holiday shopping as an event, to compare pricing and quality of products, or simply because they need something last minute. The ability to quickly and easily find your store may give you a leg up on the competition.

8. Give gifts.
Who doesn’t love free stuff? Giving complementary items will draw focus to your company over the competition, and incentivize previous customers to return for more special extras.

9. Check your list.
Pay special attention to your campaigns this time of year, and optimize accordingly. Pinpointing which products, advertisements and approaches lead to the most sales will help boost the effectiveness of your efforts as you go.