7 Creative Ice Bucket Challenges You Might Have Missed

You waited months while your friends and family members posted video after video. You hung on every word they said, fingers crossed, afraid to hear your name, just knowing it would soon be your turn to face the frigidity that is…

The Ice Bucket Challenge.

Hopefully, when that day came, you realized it wasn’t such a bad tradeoff to bring awareness to a horrific disease that remains uncured and rarely talked about. To date, this viral internet game has raised over 100 million dollars for ALS and has educated people all over the world about the facts associated with this disease, leading many to call it the greatest non-profit grassroots marketing campaign of this generation. This guerilla-marketing stunt is proof of just how effective social media can be in spreading the word far and wide concerning a business, cause, or product. Check out our favorite videos here:

1. The Creative Bar

2. Old Spice

3. Jason Sperling

4. Havas WW Chicago

5. Paul Bissonnette

6. The Pillsbury Doughboy

7. Teddy Grahams