THE YEAR AHEAD: 2020 Creative Predictions

Branding | Marketing | Design

THE YEAR AHEAD: 2020 Creative Predictions

Branding | Marketing | Design

2020 Creative Predictions - Branding | Marketing | Design

What is ahead for brands, agencies, and creatives this year? Predictions are never 100% accurate, but when based on industry research, experience, and past data, they can be fairly useful in planning your future strategy. Our team makes a habit of sharing the findings of research, data we collect, and our experiences with each other in order to strengthen the team. This process contributes to meeting our goals and lends insight that provides solid direction to our client work. Here are a few 2020 creative predictions with regard to design, marketing and branding.

Social Predictions:

Facebook Watch will be on its way out this year. “Facebook Watch hasn’t been able to make any real noise in the market.” – Social Media Today. We agree and cannot see it surviving with giants such as YouTube still dominating. 

Instagram TV (IGTV) is not currently a significant consideration for most marketers. Given the reach and promotional potential that Instagram has, we can probably expect some expansion in content offerings this year.

Influencer marketing will continue to rise in popularity. The importance of influencers will increase, focusing more on partners, customers, and employees. 

Marketing Trends:

In 2020, brands will prefer to work with external agencies who have the experience and means to create campaigns that push the envelope. This is in hope of making a bigger impact and seeing a greater return on their marketing dollars. Rather than working with large agencies that are driven by the almighty dollar, and mass manufacture work for many clients, companies are preferring to work with smaller, dedicated teams and boutique agencies. This shift is in order to garner more personalized ideas and customized approaches.

It has been said in the past that in order to succeed in marketing, companies should focus on one or two areas and strengthen those. However, with all of the competition and advancements in MarTech, it is no longer believed to be wise to put all of your proverbial eggs in one basket. 

Phigital marketing, campaigns that combine physical and digital elements are going to be mainstays for brands in 2020. The beautiful thing about these types of campaigns is that they offer the convenience of digital, while adding a physical element that pulls the user into the moment by requiring them to take action. One such example of this is the McDonalds interactive Pick n’ Play Billboard, featured in Stockholm Sweden. “The game didn’t require an app download or any other complicated procedure. All people had to do was go to the website that the billboard advertised, and it used their location data to make sure they were actually there.” The person would then be prompted to play a digital game. If the player could survive for 30 seconds, they were rewarded with a coupon for free food at one of the nearby restaurants. 

Web (UX/UI) Design Elements:

With more users connecting to online content through tablets, smartphones, and watches, heavy navigation menus can make finding what you need from a website not just daunting but dangerously frustrating. Cleaning and simplifying navigation menus is a smart way to avoid user pain points and ultimately increase user retention.

Following this theme, we can anticipate web design having a strong focus on typography, illustrations, and photography. We expect to see more websites increasing the value of their content by increasing the amount of white space surrounding it. White space refers to the solid blocks of negative space that allow your eyes to more easily focus on the message. This classic design trend is clean, modern, and significantly improves the user experience. 

Minimalism web design is much more effective at communicating and will continue to be a growing trend. Simplifying the navigation increases usability and encourages your users to spend more time being enveloped by your content. These two web design elements will be seen more often as brands begin to focus on UX design and the quality of their content.

Graphic Design Pairings:

This year, we will see:

  • More frequent use of motion design and animations. 
  • A lean toward heavier (but simple) fonts. 
  • The shift from bold, vivid colors, to a more muted palette. 
  • Lines and shapes will evolve from being angular and sharp, to more flowy. This is great because those pair well with the muted colors and heavier fonts.

Motion Graphics Insight:

I think we’re looking at the best years of motion design. There are so many tools and talented individuals that the sky is really the limit. That being said, look for typography to be a big trend this year. Playful and informational type and how it’s animated, especially within social media, will have a major impact on business and motion trends this year. 

We are particularly fond of this motion graphics ad:  I ♥ Camping App / Promo because it is eye-catching and gets the point across quickly and easily. 

The Creative Bar is looking forward to all that this year holds for our team, our clients and the work that we do. In all things, we will continue to strive for excellence and strengthen the relationships that we have with our clients. Our 2020 creative predictions are just a few trends to think about when considering future brand strategies.

If you have any questions then surely give us a call, otherwise cheers to a fantastic year ahead!