Marketing is the process of teaching consumers why they should choose a product or service over its competitor’s. The Creative Bar has successfully helped many companies with different budgets define an accurate message and find the right method to educate and influence consumers, focusing heavily on advertising and brand image. The Creative Bar provides fresh ideas from an outside perspective to give clarity to common industry marketing and advertising problems.

Go-to-market strategy

Through a series of meetings and marketing exercises, The Creative Bar’s 5 step process to develop a successful Go-To-Market strategy gives your organization the tools needed to put it’s best foot forward. The Go-To-Market strategy can have many components including sales coverage and process, customer service, and pricing, as well as more tactical things like messaging and marketing campaigns that, together, reinforce a unique brand position. Go-To-Market strategy should not be seen as a quick-fix for a current quarter shortfall, but rather as a long-term plan to increase revenues, decrease costs, and improve the customer experience.

• Go-To-Market Strategy Plan
• Localized Target Marketing
• Online Marketing
• Email Marketing
• Guerilla Marketing
• Direct Mail Marketing
• Trade-show Marketing

Case Studies

Pro X-Games Athlete, Ryan Nyquist
Culture Hair Products
California Baptist University