Building a Brand Together Step-by-Step

Step 1: Creating Strategic Planning Goals

• Root your creativity in strategy to generate creative business solutions.
• Articulate our primary and secondary objectives.

Step 2: Pulling the Team Together

• Assign the best resources to get the job done right.
• Utilize The Creative Bar as your:
   – Brand consultants
   – Marketing experts
   – Graphic designers
   – Web designers
   – Industry researchers
   – Focus group leader for target markets

Step 3: Internal Analysis

• Conduct a self-assessment of your offerings.
• Evaluate core competencies.
• Determine what is and is not working.

Step 4: Industry Analysis

• Assess competitive rivalry.
• Establish where we fit accordingly.

Step 5: Market Analysis

• Define our market by asking the following:
   – Who are our new customers?
   – How do they buy?
   – When and what do they buy?

Step 6: Creating Strategies

• Establish a strong memorable brand identity with a clear and compelling vision.
• Create new market niches.
• Allocate specific words and visuals to our brand.

Step 7: Developing Tactics

• Establish your brand strategy as the foundation of your market strategy.
• Create awareness that leads to marketplace dominance.

Step 8: Implementing a Memorable Brand Experience

• Present a single and consistent brand message.
• Train staff with the ability to make the right first impression by personally representing your brand with consistency.

Step 9: Evaluating and Communicating Progress

• Increase sales.
• Increase interest.
• Increase satisfaction — ensure we’ve exceeded your customer’s expectations.

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